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How To Plan a Wedding

So you’ve just got engaged. But what now? Are you wondering: “Where do I start?”

Don’t worry; you’re not alone – and like friends and family before you, you will successfully navigate all of the steps to planning your perfect wedding. But just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean it’s up to you to plan everything. In fact, you shouldn’t!

The experts here at PH Hotels put years of wedding planning experience to good use. Here is their list of top wedding planning tips to ensure you’re set up for success.

  • Leave your stress at the door.
    This applies to both you and your partner, as well as family, friends, and external suppliers. Planning your wedding should be fun, joyous, and exciting. Ensure it remains this way by enlisting the help of those who know what you want, sticking to your budget, and setting up a realistic timeline for yourself.

  • Get it in writing.
    If you want your wedding to include things like flowers, invitations, centerpieces, AV equipment, and so on, be sure to get all supplier quotes in writing and add everything to a Wedding file (either physical or online). Budgeting will be a key aspect to successful planning. Having hard copies of numbers means you don’t have to go from memory; you have everything you need right in front of you.

  • Lists, lists, & more lists.
    Wedding to do lists and checklists will do several things: keep you organised, ensure nothing is forgotten, keep you focused, and most importantly will help you break tasks up into small, manageable activities. The scale of work will seem much more doable when it’s all laid out in front of you in bite size pieces. And don’t forget to plan well in advance. Helen McMinn, Special Events Manager at Beaumont Estate in Windsor recommends building in lots of time to ensure you can get what you want. For example, she recommends having your taster sessions and menus sorted at least 4 months in advance.

  • Make compromising a priority.
    Remember: This wedding is about you, your partner, and how you’d like to start your married lives together. One partner shouldn’t have the final say in every decision; compromising and having elements that each of you chooses will ensure your wedding is truly reflective of you as a couple.

  • Delegate – a lot.
    If there are close family members or friends who are eager to help you (and whom you trust), delegate tasks to them. Start by asking each individual what they’d like to help with, and go from there. Involving others can really add to the experience – it’s the perfect excuse to pick up the phone and call your friend. Sealing envelopes, room setup, and hen party planning are perfect examples of tasks that don’t need your constant involvement.

  • Get people’s input – only when you want to.
    Weddings are notorious for causing stress. Unwanted opinions start coming your way, and all of a sudden everyone has insight into how things should be done. But remember: your wedding is about you, and your partner. The day should be exactly as you want it. Incorporate the traditions you like, and leave the others. Be brave and make your wedding your own.

    A great tip from Rowan Shaw, Wedding Planner at Eastwood Hall hotel in Nottingham, is when you send out your wedding invites, include a space for guests to fill in two of their favourite songs to be played. It’s a great way to get everyone on the dance floor, and makes planning your playlist that much easier.

  • Take time off!
    Wedding planning in no way means the end of your regular, everyday lives. To make sure the experience is a positive one, be sure to take time off from the planning and running around. Take days off from talking about and planning the wedding. Go out for a night and enjoy each other’s company, free of wedding talk.

  • Don’t worry about the small stuff.
    We’ve all heard it before: event planning is about the details. You’re not likely to forget to book your venue, but there are plenty of smaller to-do items that might escape you. Don’t worry – this is where working with trained professionals comes in handy.

    Here is a quick reference guide from our lovely wedding planners of the things you’ll likely want to have lined up. If your wedding is at a PH Hotels wedding venue, we’ll help you take care of these things ourselves and refer you to some great local suppliers:

- Wedding cake, stand, and knife
- Linens – napkins, chair covers, tablecloths & runners
- Candles & holders
- Themed decorations
- A toastmaster
- A photographer/videographer
- Catering & menus
- Transportation to/from the wedding
- Flowers & bouquets
- Guest accommodation
- AV equipment – speakers, microphones
- A DJ & playlists

Still sound daunting? Don’t worry! Contact one of our certified wedding coordinators for help.

Interested in booking your wedding at one of our beautiful properties? Enquire today.

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